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Knee replacement rehabilitation in your own home
  1. Knee Assist Board
    Knee Assist Board
    Used in hospital setting - Knee replacement rehabilitation
  2. Up And Active Board Mark II
    Up And Active Board Mark II
    Home use - Knee replacement rehabilitation in the home or office
  3. Size makes all the diference
    Size makes all the diference
    Buy the smallest you can
My name is Shirley McKain
I am the designer of the Up And Active Knee Bard.
I have a great interest in knee rehabilitation and felt there was something lacking after patients left hospital. The lucky were offered out-patients rehab but not always able to get back to take advantange of free treatment. My board offers an affordable rehab option in the home.
My goal is to improve the knee replacement post-surgery outcome for the thousands of people who are sent home with no means of keeping their knee-bending activities up to the standard required by their surgeon. The boards gives you the opportunity to keep your knee moving at home and in the office, They travel well and offers exercise while away from home.
Up And Active Knee Board $25 inc postage within New Zealand.
email: homefithealthnz@gmail.com
mob: 021 022 44 200